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211 Series Pre-Printed - Boxwood Hedge with Flowers

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211 Series Pre-Printed - Boxwood Hedge with Flowers

Known as our Custom 211 Series (FenceScreen Designer Series), custom printed screens provide privacy, security good looks, as well as maximum wind passage and light transparency, making it ideal for any fence. The fabric is ultra strong and tear resistant, ensuring it will hold up to the elements. Each FenceScreen custom panel is finished with welded edges and grommets on all 4 sides of the material, making it extremely easy to install and ensuring that it will last for years.

Standard FenceScreen designs can also be customized to meet your design and length requirements. For best pricing choose from our exclusive, standard "in house" sizes and designs. Custom printing is on one side only. The reverse side of the screen is neutral white color.

  • 90% Visibility Blockage
  • Designed Exclusively for all Outdoor Fence Applications
  • Fade & Scratch resistant inks
  • Sharp Colorful Images will Last for Years (3-5 year print life expectancy)
  • Lightweight & Durable Outdoor Mesh Fabric

All standard fence screens are cut 4" less than the actual fence height to allow the material to stretch tight during installation, for a wrinkle free fit.

Example: A 6-ft tall fence = 5'-8" actual height for privacy fence screen material. We also offer various and custom size options which allow you to choose your exact height and length. For other custom sizes please contact our customer service department.

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