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NatraHedge® Artificial Kauai Living Wall Panels

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NatraHedge® Artificial Kauai Living Wall Panels

NatraHedge® Artificial Vertical Kauai Living Wall is one of our new products that showcases a life-like living foliage that can be mounted to your walls. Manufactured in a 20” x 40” square panel and can be cut, bent, and conform to any surface whether flat or curved. Ideally Living Wall is used on vertical walls, ceilings, or any other surfaces that needs a modern garden décor look.

It is also featured in the homes of America's top designers, the world’s largest hotels, and more! Our product uses non-toxic LDPE (not PE). Since starting NatraHedge® we’ve spent years establishing a reputation for quality and creativity. It’s a reputation we’re keen to foster.

  • UV Rated for Outdoor Use
  • RealLeaf® provide unmistakably lifelike results
  • 20-in. x 40-in. (5 per box/ 28 Sq.ft)
  • Includes (40) 7-in. Green Attachment Fasteners
  • Securely Connect & Cut for a Custom Fit
  • UV Stabled LDPE lightfast color & materials
  • 3-Year Warranty & 8-10 year Life Expectancy
3 Year Warranty

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