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NatraHedge® Artificial Evergreen Moss Mat Panels

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NatraHedge® Artificial Evergreen Moss Mat Panels

NatraHedge® Artificial Evergreen Moss Mats lead the market as some of the most realistic looking artificial hedges available today. The mats feature RealLeaf™ foliage, our premium lifelike leaves that are separately molded to provide a hedge that’s indistinguishable from the real thing.

It is also featured in the homes of America's top designers, the world’s largest hotels, and more! Our product uses non-toxic LDPE (not PE). Since starting NatraHedge® we’ve spent years establishing a reputation for quality and creativity. It’s a reputation we’re keen to foster.

  • UV Rated for Outdoor Use
  • RealLeaf® provide unmistakably lifelike results
  • 20-in. x 20-in. (12 per box/ 33 Sq.ft)
  • Includes (40) Green Attachment Fasteners
  • Securely Connect & Cut for a Custom Fit
  • UV Stabled LDPE lightfast color & materials
  • 3-Year Warranty & 5-8 year life expectancy
3 Year Warranty