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Reflective Safety Fence Tape (7000 Series)

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Reflective Safety Fence Tape (7000 Series)


Reflective Safety Fence Tape Inserts are designed for gates and sections of fence where visibility is critical, especially at night. These Reflective Tape is easy to weave into any chain link fence and are well suited for airports, hospitals, schools, commercial facility entranceways, temporary construction sites, residential driveways, or keeping vehicular traffic away from any fenced-in area. One use is to create directional cues for drivers by installing the Reflective Safety Tape diagonally in the chain link fence or gate in a chevron or arrow style shape.

Fence Coverage (per box)
Each box comes with a 75-ft long roll of reflective fence tape, that covers roughly 12 square feet. Also includes (75) Solid Brass Fasteners.


  • 1 Box Covers Roughly 3 Linear Feet of a 4 Feet Tall Fence
  • 1 Box Covers Roughly 2.4 Linear Feet of a 5 Feet Tall Fence
  • 1 Box Covers Roughly 2 Linear Feet of a 6 Feet Tall Fence
5 Year Warranty